WhyImUM Video Guidelines

We welcome your participating in the WhyImUM video series. Below are the guidelines. Videos can be informal, shot on a phone camera and need to be under one minute. 
1) Videos absolutely must be shot horizontally. If shot vertically, we will have to ask for a redo. 
2) Be certain to not cover the microphone area on the phone. Please make sure you know where that is located before shooting. 
3) Record in as quiet a space as possible. Camera phone microphones pick up any and all sounds, so the more more isolated a space can be for recording, the better.
4) Try to be as still as possible while recording.
5) At the conclusion of the video, please say, “That’s Why ImUM” (no am).

We prefer to have the full file downloaded from your phone—Dropbox is great for this. If you are unfamiliar with this, you may submit them to Mary Catherine Phillips by e-mail but please keep the original in case it compresses it too much in e-mail.