Well-Being Wellness Program

The Alabama-West Florida Conference values your wellbeing so much that we’ve made it a vital part of your comprehensive benefits. We’re reaching beyond wellness to bring you resources, tools and personal support for better health, a positive mindset, financial confidence, and meaningful relationships—aspects that make up the whole you and affect how well you live. All of it is meant to help you reach your true potential, no matter what your goals are. And that helps us better serve our churches and community.

To ensure you have the best experience possible, we’ve partnered with CHC Wellbeing (CHC), a unique provider of in-depth personal wellbeing resources with proven track record of helping participants get the results they seek. CHC offers:

  • A Well-being Assessment that includes a Biometric Screening on- or off-site for a deep dive into your important health numbers, and a Health & Lifestyle Survey that evaluates things like your emotional wellbeing, social support and other aspects that matter to your overall well-being
  • True Potential Resources like Health Coaching, e-Learning courses and other activities specifically targeted to your needs and goals
  • True Rewards Points that you can earn [to help lower your health insurance premiums] as you take part in CHC activities and reach your true potential

For the calendar year 2020, due to COVID-19, it is not mandatory that clergy complete the HQ and biometric screening. However, if you wish to complete the screening on a voluntary basis, the deadline has been extended to October 31, 2020. 

Please use the links below to access information regarding the 2020 Wellness Program.

2020 Reward Points Summary

Link to register account

Well-being Rewards Program Guide

Physician Screening Guide

2020 Onsite  (Annual Conference) Screening Guide


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