UMVIM Leader Training

Well-trained team leaders, and thus their teams, are more effective in ministry in the world for Christ's sake. At the Team Leader Training sessions, participants will receive a wealth of information on preparing an UMVIM team for service, including such topics as effective project selection, spiritual development, cultural sensitivity for teams, logistics, and finance.

Participating in the training does not obligate you to lead a team, but will help you understand the fundamentals of team leadership and will enrich any future Mission experiences you have. You will also gain ideas on places around the world where you can serve.

Team Leader Training is just as appropriate for teams traveling within their own state as for teams traveling nationally or internationally.

We highly recommend that an UMVIM Team Leader experience AT LEAST one mission trip prior to leading a team. The Team Leader training is not limited to those who have been on a mission trip, but you will gain much more from the training and will be a better leader if you have had a mission experience first.

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NOTE: UMVIM Team Leader training is NOT the same training as Disaster Response - Early Response Team Training.