Transfer of Dexter Avenue Property

The Conference Board of Trustees comes today requesting approval to convey the property located at 301 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama from River City and the Alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church  to Valiant Cross Academy.  This property was previously the home of Dexter Avenue United Methodist Church and after its closure, became home to River City Church, a small but vibrant congregation that has a thriving ministry to the homeless of Montgomery, and is also the location for Valiant Cross Academy, a school for boys. 


Due to the size and age of the structures on the property and the relevant size and financial capability of the congregation, River City is unable to maintain the property.  Valiant Cross Academy, who currently leases the property, is willing to take over the property and will maintain it.  They will allow River City to lease the property for its continued use as a ministry to the community.  The Trustees request approval authorizing the Conference Trustees and River City Church to execute such deeds, leases and other documents necessary to effectuate the conveyance to Valiant Cross Academy and lease to River City Church.