The Ark Board

Chairperson: Rev. Steve Rascoe
Vice Chairperson: Mike Bennett
Executive Directors:  Mike and Liz Bennett 
Treasurer: Peggy Willard
Secretary: Rev. Cathy Byrd
Class of 2016: Rev. Ron Ball, Jim Franko, 
Class of 2017: Rev Steve Rascoe, Mike Bennett
Class of 2018: Rev. Cathy Byrd, Ron Mashburn
Ex-Officio Members (with vote): 
Marianna/Panama City District Superintendent
Conference Representative: Rev. Nancy Watson
Marianna-Panama City District Representative: Cameron Winton
Winter Ministry Chairperson: Donna Coyne
Executive Directors: Mike and Liz Bennett
Ex-Officio Members (without vote):
Winter Ministry Representatives: Two Reps TBD annually by Winter Ministry Board