The Ark




If you are looking for “Noah’s Ark” you have found us! We are still here in the same beautiful location across from those sandy white beaches. We look a little differently than we use to, however. We have been doing some renovating and have added new ministries too.

The property is still owned by the Alabama-West Florida Conference of United Methodist Churches but our desire is for our ministries to become self-sustaining. We've opened up a coffee shop, "The Pour ( Come and have a cup of organically grown coffee, chai tea, pastry, a specialty popsicle or a host of other delicious offerings. The place has an urban retro feel, free WIFI, and comfortable couches and tables for sitting. Our slogan is “Coffee and Community”.

Here are our team members:

  • Mike and Liz Bennett, co-directors,, Mike: 850-896-7781; Liz: 850-896-7522 
  • Emily Austin - Director of the J-1 Program (intern) 850-234-6062 (The Ark)
  • Evelyn Willis - Director of our Transitional Housing Program -850-234-6062 (The Ark)
  • Elizabeth Culpitt - On The Winter Program Board of Directors and volunteers 850-249-1980 (The Winter Program) - This program will be ending in the beginning of March 

The Ark Board of Directors (see list to the right) meets once a month and will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. 

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