Spiritual Directors

Spiritual Directors offer us the opportunity for our interior worlds and daily life to meet.  This model offers a conceptual understanding of the private and often confusing work beneath the surface of our everyday lives and a rhythmic strategy for following the Spirit into the depths of people’s souls, including our own.  That is where God’s Spirit is moving us into the Father’s presence and into the light of the Son so that we can enjoy God, accept ourselves, and engage with others in the energy of Christ.

The goal of Spiritual Direction is the fullness of union with God in Jesus.  It is also the same as the goal of Christian life itself: To become ever more completely transformed into the likeness of Christ by the action of the Holy Spirit upon our body, soul, and spirit.

Below is a listing of Spiritual Directors and the services they can provide for the Alabama-West Florida, North Alabama and Georgia Conferences:

Alabama-West Florida

District - Baypines
Patti Bodenhamer – pattibodenhamer@gmail.com - Spiritual Director/Spiritual Formation
Rev. Debora Bishop – ds.deborabishop@gmail.com  - Spiritual Director/Spiritual Formation

District - Demopolis
Rev. Dawn Bond – dawnbond620@gmail.com– Spiritual Director/ Spiritual Formation
Linda Vice – linda.tourism@yahoo.com – Spiritual Director

District - Dothan
Rev. Stephanie Cox - pastorstephanie@greystonedothan.comcastbuz.net - Spiritual Director
Sammy Prim - janiceprim@me.com - Spiritual Director

District - Montgomery-Opelika
Judith Cantey – jcantey100@yahoo.com – Spiritual Director
Shirley Jordan – sajord@charter.net – Spiritual Director
Elizabeth Whatley – ewhatley85@bellsouth.net – Spiritual Director/Spiritual Formation

District - Montgomery-Prattville
Nancy Pugh – npugh@charter.net – Spiritual Director
Donna Keith – dksoulsinsand@yahoo.com – Spiritual Director
Gloria Wilson – revglow@yahoo.com – Spiritual Direction/Spiritual Formation

District - Pensacola
Rev. Pam Avery – pastorpamavery@gmail.com - Spiritual Director/Spiritual Formation
Donell Seager – donellseager@gmail.com – Spiritual Director/Spiritual Formation
Rev. Laura Weant  – lily1738@gmail.com  - Spiritual Director
Kaye Westmark – margaretw@cox.net – Spiritual Director/Spiritual Formation

Outside of the Alabama-West Florida Conference
Chris Wiltrakis- crismsbt@juno.com - Spiritual Director
Jerry Gordan - dgordan@otelco.net - Spiritual Director
Roger Short - pastorog@gmail.com - Spiritual Director