2017 - 2020 Spiritual Direction Training

The three year Spiritual Direction Training, hosted by Sacred Space Spiritual Formation, is suited to those who hunger to experience deeper intimacy with God, to grow in attentiveness to God’s movement, are drawn to compassionate listening, feel a call to companion others on the spiritual journey, and seek spiritual community with others.

• Lifelong compassionate listening skills
• Strong community development between participants
• Personal transformation and deeper inner-personal relationships
• Certificate as a trained spiritual director

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A spiritual director is neither a counselor, coach, mentor or teacher but a companion who listens deeply to our sacred story. Time spent with a spiritual director, offers a safe space to share our inner most revelations of God’s work in our lives. Holy listening invites us to notice where God is moving in our daily experience.

“My spiritual formation practices and spiritual direction work guide me to become who I am called to be in God…a constant love song…for God, myself, and the world.” - Rev. Jacqueline Slaughter, Clergy AWF conference

Year One
November 13 - 16 // 2017
January 8 - 11 // 2018
April 16 - 19 // 2018
Year Two
August 6 - 9 // 2018
October 8 - 11 // 2018
January 7 - 10 // 2019
April 8 - 11 // 2019
Year Three
August 5 - 8 // 2019
October 7 - 10 // 2019
January 6 - 9 // 2020
March 30 - April 2 // 2020

Arrival:  Monday // 3:00 - 5:00pm
Departure:  Thursday // 12:00pm

‘“As a person whose life has been transformed by spiritual formation, I wholeheartedly recommend any opportunity to be shaped and formed in the image of Christ for the sake others. This focus on spiritual direction is particularly appealing because so many souls need the care that only a spiritual director can provide.” - Pat Luna, Academy For Spiritual Formation

This program equips the participant for the art of holy listening. A selection of readings prior to each forum lays a critical foundation for the lectures, discussion and experiential learning. First year forums include introduction to contemplative prayer, practice of contemplative prayer, and opportunity for discernment concerning spiritual direction. During the second year, faculty presentations will include understanding of spiritual direction, the history of the church and its spiritual masters. The third year’s focus is on the practice of spiritual direction – the art of Holy Listening. Each forum will be an experiential as well as an academic experience with at home reading and work required. 

“Spiritual direction is a Holy conversation that guides heart and mind to clarity. These conversations are much more than counseling or praying with another person. I highly recommend this spiritual practice.” Dr Cory Smith, Clergy AWF Conference

The daily rhythm will include morning meditations, faculty presentations,silent reflections, plenary discussions with faculty, Eucharist, Covenant Group time and more. The daily rhythm restores a contemplative balance to our lives. Silence,
conversation, rest, and fellowship help us open our hearts and minds to what God has in store for each of us.

“I have received spiritual direction for approximately 5 years. My spiritual director helps me discover the hitherto unseen ways God is active in my life and work and gives me opportunity to become a better person and leader. I recommend this spiritual practice to any whose hearts and minds yearn for a deeper relationship with Christ.” Dr Robbins Sims, Clergy AWF Conference

Enrollment Fee // $50.00
Each Forum // $390.00 (Includes instruction, meals, & private room/bath)
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Forms and $50.00 non-refundable enrollment fee are due by October 16.  You will be responsible for your own books, notebook, pens, and paper.

Blue Lake Camp
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Andalusia, Al 36420