Quotes from Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar- Born in Coffee, Alabama to parents John Silas Ziglar and Viola Ziglar. He was the tenth of 12 children. In 1931, when Ziglar was five years old, his father took a management position at a Mississippi farm, and his family moved to Yazoo City, where he spent most of his early childhood. In 1932, his father died of a stroke, and his younger sister died two days later.

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing-that's why we recommend it daily. 

You have to be careful not to become a "wandering generality"; you must strive to become a "meaningful specific." 

The key to making it over the top is this: help enough other people get what they want. 

Make failure your teacher, not your undertaker. 

If you are not living in the will of God, you are uncomfortable in the Word of God. 

The more gratitude you express, the more you will experience to have gratitude for. 

The phrase, "God said it, I believe it, and that settles it" is partially true. My friend, if God said it, that settles it, whether you believe it or not. 

You don't have to worry about tomorrow because God is already there. 

What comes out of your mouth is determined by what goes into your mind. 

Faith is your reaction to God's ability. 

When we do more than we are paid to do, eventually we will be paid more for what we do. 

God sees everything at once and knows what you are called to do. Our part is not to play God, but to trust God-to believe that our single, solitary life can make a difference.

If you haven't met Satan face to face, it's because you are running in the same direction.

Ability can take you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.

Where you start is not as important as where you finish. 

God showed me that He could and would replace everything that was missing in my life, but that nothing could replace Him in my life. 

You are what you are and where you are because of what's gone into your mind. You can change what you are and where you are by changing what goes into your mind. 

You've got to be before you can do, and do before you can have. 

Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do them beautifully. 

God created man on purpose, and for a purpose. 

Many times Christian state their love for the Lord and their willingness to die for Him. I will make no pretense of knowing the Lord's will in your life, but I do feel that in most cases the Lord is for more interested in our living for Him then He is in our dying for Him. 

You are not saved by a feeling, but by trusting God and accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior. 

Every choice we make, whether it is good or bad, has consequences! Top Performance (page 24) 

You are free to choose, but the choices you make today will determine what you will have, be, and do in the tomorrows of your life.  Top Performance (page 23) 

You cannot change the past, but your future is spotless.  Top Performance (page 27) 

You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want!  Top Performance (page 10) 

It's not where you start-it's where you finish that counts. 

Building a better you is the first step to building a better America. 

Failure is an event, never a person; an attitude, not an outcome; a temporary inconvenience; a steppingstone.  Our response to it determines just how helpful it can be. 

Most people who fail in their dream fail not from lack of ability but from lack of commitment.

When you know the author of the Book, the Book will have meaning to you.

You don't pay the price for success; you enjoy the benefits of success.

What you get by reaching your destination is not nearly as important as what you will become by reaching your destination.

You can earn more money, but when time is spent it is gone.

Success is not measured by what you do compared to what others do; it is measured by what you do with the ability God gave you.

It's not what you know; it's what you use that makes a difference.

When I discipline myself to eat properly, live morally, exercise regularly, grow mentally and spiritually, and not to put drugs or alcohol in my body, I have given myself the freedom to be at my best, perform at my best, and reap all the rewards that go along with it.

Success is not a destination; it's a journey.

Our abilities, personalities, and physical features are no accident. God has crafted each of us just the way He wanted to. Paul wrote that we are God's "workmanship." The Greek word for workmanship is poiema, from which, of course, we get our word poem. Poetry is a beautiful expression of thought, carefully structured and meticulously worded. The meter of each line and the choice of each word come together to maximize the meaning. And these things don't just happen by chance. They are the product of the poet's skill, intention, and detail.

In the same way, God crafts each of us by using His skill to shape our personalities and give us the abilities and appearances He has chosen for us. No one is created just like another because no one has the same purpose God has given each of us. Paul also tells his readers that God's purpose isn't something He dreams up along the way. God prepared His purpose for us long ago, "before the foundation of the world" (Ephesians 1:4).

When we feel prideful because we've accomplished a lot, we need to realize where our abilities come from. On the other hand, if were confused or discouraged because we can't seem to discover the meaning for our lives, we can rest assured that Almighty God has a divine purpose for us. Either way, we can remember that God is the poet, and we are His poems. The One Year Daily Insights with Zig Ziglar January 8