Talley - Julian


Julian Lee Talley (retired) passed away on August 19, 2015 after a long illness. Julian Lee Talley originally of Montgomery, Alabama and most recently Marietta, Georgia was a Methodist Minister with over 45 years of service.

He was a dedicated husband to his wife Roslyn and a constant support to his children Michael and Mark. Known to most as simply "Preacher", he could be seen in his later years of life sporting a white beard and always a cowboy hat. He was often mistaken as Santa Claus and loved it every time it happened.

Julian loved spending his time watching western tv shows, gardening, watching football and basketball and most of all just spending time with his wife, children and his grandchildren. He lived very close to his grandchildren for their whole lives and was a constant in their lives since birth. Julian loved nothing in life more than his beloved Roslyn whom he called "Roz". He will be missed by all and his impact in this life was felt by many. God bless Julian Lee Talley.

Julian is survived by is wife Roslyn Talley, his two children Mark and Michael Talley and his beloved Grandchildren Jordan and Stephen Talley.

Julian was a retired United Methodist Minister with almost 50 years of service. He was a relentlessly positive and gentle man, a loving husband and devoted father. A fighter until the end Julian was beloved by all and will be missed.

Funeral services were held at Due West Methodist Church, in Marietta, GA on Saturday August 22, 2015.  A graveside service followed at Cheatham Hill Memorial Gardens also in Marietta, GA.