Upcoming Annual Conference Deadlines Announced for 2022

January 06, 2022

Information to be publicized in preparation for the 2022 Annual Conference Session
Please be aware of upcoming deadlines specified in our Standing Rules:

Any proposed changes to the Standing Rules should be received in writing by the chairperson of the Committee on Standing Rules no later than February 1, 2022.  You may submit proposed changes by email to pastorkathy@bellsouth.net or by mail to Rev. Kathy Knight, 3004 Alexandria Court, Mobile, AL  36693. 

Resolutions shall be submitted to the Committee on Resolutions and Petitions by February 15, 2022, except in cases where it can be demonstrated by the author of a late petition that the situation which gave rise to making the petition was not apparent until after the deadline for petitions. The committee shall provide copies of all resolutions submitted by February 15 to all voting members present at the conference session. The maker of the late resolution shall supply these copies of his/her resolution if submitted after February 15.  No resolution will be received on the last day of the session.  The Chairperson of the Committee on Resolutions and Petitions is Rev. Christina Shaver. You may contact her at revchristinashaver@gmail.com

Materials and reports to be included in the Book of Reports shall be in the hands of the Journal editor NO LATER THAN February 28, 2022. Please submit materials and reports via this link: https://awf-reg.brtapp.com/2022BORFile. Email Sarah McWilliams, Journal Editor (sarah@awfumc.org) with questions. 
If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Rev. Ashley Davis, Conference Secretary. 
Rev. Kathy Knight: Chairperson, Conference Committee on Standing Rules

Rev. Christina Shaver: Chairperson, Conference Committee on Resolutions and Petitions

Sarah McWilliams: Conference Journal Editor

Rev. Ashley Davis: Conference Secretary