The Best Advice I Ever Received

January 27, 2012

(Dr. Herb Sadler) - The best advice I ever got in my ministry came from the father of Bishop Mike Watson. I was a 25 year old recent seminary graduate and had just been appointed as Associate Pastor of First UMC, Dothan. Excell Watson was a wise man and great church leader (Mike was still in high school!). I asked Mr. Watson, "What are lay folks looking for in worship?" His reply was succinct and memorable. "Good preaching and good music." That's it.

I heard that advice 45 years ago and it's still true. Styles have changed some, but preaching that is understandable and helpful and music that is inspiring are still the key ingredients in worship that changes lives.

There is nothing a pastor can do that is more important in his/her effectiveness than to work at getting better at preaching. The Academy for Congregational Excellence has two offerings presently that are designed to help good preachers get even better, one in Dothan and one in Montgomery. They are designed to gather 10-12 clergy together one day a month for a year under the coaching of a proven, excellent preacher.

It is the intention of the Academy for Congregational Excellence (ACE) to begin preaching groups in other parts of the conference as well. If you have the passion to be an excellent preacher, let me know, so we can design a learning community for you and your clergy colleagues or check the events section in the conference newsletters for upcoming "Preaching Excellence" events.

The ACE Mission: Effective Leaders, Fruitful Churches.