Alabama-West Florida Conference Announces Staff Changes

November 06, 2017

The Alabama-West Florida Conference announces two staff changes in the finance and connectional ministries offices. Mr. Frank Dunnewind, AWF Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services, has announced his retirement effective December 31, 2017. Mr. Dunnewind has served in this role for nineteen years. Under his leadership, the conference office has increased apportionment giving every year since 2011, moved to its current physical location where the conference owns the property, and has transitioned the conference to direct billing, which was a necessary change that resulted in significant savings.

Beebe Frederick, Chair of the AWF Council on Finance and Administration, stated, “Frank has dedicated nearly two decades to the conference and is leaving us in a much better place. He has ensured that the financial health of our conference is strong and I am personally grateful to him for his many years of service. On behalf of the council, we wish Frank and Pat well in their retirement where they will enjoy time traveling and with family.”

An official job posting will be on the Alabama-West Florida Conference Website in the coming weeks.

Mrs. Jenn Lusher, former AWF Director of Leadership Strategies, is now on staff in a local church within the conference. “Jenn is a bright and talented asset to this conference,” said Bishop David Graves. “While we will miss her leadership in our office, she will greatly add value to her local church. She has graciously offered to serve as a liaison, when needed. We wish her well in her ministry and are thankful for her gifts and graces.”