Southeastern Jurisdiction Conference Updates

November 02, 2022
The Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference is meeting November 2-4, 2022, at Lake Junaluska Conference Center. The theme is, "This I know." 

The primary business of the session will be the election and assignment of bishops. There are nine nominees for bishop.

Daily Updates (by Jessica Brodie of the South Carolina Annual Conference)
Wednesday morning, November 2
Wednesday afternoon, November 2
Wednesday evening, November 2
Thursday morning, November 3
Thursday morning Service of Remembrance
Thursday afternoon, November 3
Friday morning, November 4

Episcopal Election Ballots:
Ballot one: no election
Ballot two: invalid ballot
Ballot three: no election
Balot four: Rev. Tom Berlin from the Virginia Conference was elected a bishop
Ballot five: no election
Ballot six: no election
Ballot seven: invalid ballot
Ballot eight: invalid ballot
Ballot nine: no election
Ballot ten: no election
Ballot eleven: no election
Ballot twelve: Rev. Connie Shelton from the Mississippi Conference was elected a bishop
Ballot thirteen: invalud
Ballot fourteen: invalid
Ballot fifteen: no election
Ballot sixteen: no election
Ballot seventeen: no election
Ballot eighteen: no election
Ballot nineteen: no election
Ballot twenty: no election
Ballot twenty-one: no election
Ballot twenty-two: no election
Ballot twenty-three: invalid
Ballot twenty-four: no election
Ballot twenty-five: Dr. Robin Dease from the South Caroline Conference was elected a bishop

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