QuadW Missional Outreach receives $100,000 Young Clergy Initiative Grant for Skunkworks Project

June 21, 2018

QuadW Missional Outreach is pleased to announce receipt of a $100,000 grant from the United Methodist Church’s General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. This grant will support the launch of the “QuadW Missional Residencies – A United Methodist Skunkworks” project. "Skunkworks" exist for the development of breakthrough innovations. Young adults chosen for this one-year United Methodist Skunkworks project will live and work together, receive extensive training and support, and will develop and lead new disciple-making movements.

The Young Clergy Initiative exists to increase the number of young clergy in the United Methodist Church. This project is specifically for young adults with an entrepreneurial spirit and a capacity to lead change. As noted in the grant proposal, this effort is “for young adults who may be called by God to serve as elders or deacons in the church but cannot fit into the narrow understanding of what those roles typically entail. They want to make disciples of Jesus for the transformation of the world but they don't see that happening on a large scale through the UMC, and they want to.”

QuadW Missional Outreach is grateful for this generous award and excited to work with partnering churches and conferences, as well as United Methodist seminaries and colleges to launch these new efforts. Dallas, Winfield/Wichita, Montgomery, and Columbus (OH) are the projected sites to be launched in 2019 and 2020.

QuadW Missional Outreach receives its primary funding from the QuadW Foundation of Dallas, Texas. This foundation exists to honor the life of Willie Tichenor, who died of osteosarcoma at the age of nineteen. The work of the Foundation is guided by the question, What Would Willie Want? To learn more about the Foundation’s work, including its support of sarcoma research, please visit www.quadw.org. To learn more about the work of QuadW Missional Outreach please visit www.quadwmi.org or contact Don Woolley at don@quadwmi.org.