Prayer a Vital Component of GC2016

May 18, 2016
Prayer has proven to be an integral part of General Conference 2016. The Upper Room sponsored “60 Days of Prayer” leading up to this quadrennial meeting and asked conferences and local churches from around the world to participate in this reflective movement. A prayer lalbryinth was available in the Oregon Convention Center to encourage delegates and guests to enter into a time of prayer and spiritual meditation.

Many times the plenary sessions would pause for prayer time before significant votes or action. Dr. Cory Smith, AWF Director of Connectional Ministries offered his reflection on prayer at the conference. He stated, "In the past 24 hours the Council of Bishops have encouraged the GC to 'pause for prayer.' I appreciate these wise words. Petitions, points of order, and demonstrations seems to move the large body of General Conference to a fight/flight mode of working together. I pray that we are becoming more open to the power of prayer and the importance of relying upon God's Word and the Holy Spirit to shape our thoughts, words, and decisions." 

Pictured above is Rev. Emily Kincaid, executive minister at Orange Beach UMC, at the labyrinth in the convention center. Photo by Luke Lucas, AWF.