Pensacola District On Watch for Tropical Storm Karen

October 04, 2013

The conference office received this note from Dr. Jeremy Pridgeon, Pensacola District Superintendent. It was sent to his district but we are reposting here for our Pensacola-area followers. 

Based on the lastest advisory, the greatest impacts from Tropical Storm Karen will be experienced in our area [Pensacola District] during the morning hours on Sunday.  Because of the timing of this event, pastors and local church leaders are encouraged to monitor this situation and use your best judgment as it relates to holding Sunday morning services and other activities for your congregation. 
The differences in a strong tropical storm or a minimal hurricane are largely insignificant.  There will be strong winds, significant rainfall, along with the potential for some damage.  Should your congregation experience any damage from flooding or structural damage from branches or trees, please contact Jeremy Pridgeon or Alan Gantzhorn.
We will conduct an assessment of our churches in the aftermath of this event and are praying for the safety of all who live in our area as Karen approaches the Gulf Coast.
From:  Jeremy Pridgeon, Pensacola District Superintendent
            Alan Gantzhorn, Pensacola District Disaster Response Coordinator