Gulf Coast flooding, April 30, 2014

April 30, 2014

To trained ERTs in the Mobile, Baypines and Pensacola districts:

Our conference and district disaster response leadership is actively monitoring the situation along the Gulf Coast in response to the recent heavy rains and flooding. First and foremost, please stay safe and do not put yourself in harm's way. The situation is still dangerous and many roads and areas remain closed. 

We are working with local EMAs and VOADs to monitor the emergency, as well as speaking to churches and pastors. As the situation continues to unfold, we ask you to be on alert over the next several days as we may possibly need to deploy some ERTs to respond. We will provide updates as we know them, and will contact you as the needs arise. Please review your ERT Training material and be aware of proper response protocol. All trained and formed ERTs may begin staging operations, but please wait to respond until the local emergency agencies give us their OK to enter storm areas; we will communicate with you when that occurs.

If your church has cleaning buckets that are already assembled, please let us know of their availability. We already have some on standby in various places in the districts, but we would like to know if there are more available. We will not be asking you to assemble any additional cleaning buckets at this time.

Thank you for the prayers you can offer for your districts and all those affected, and we will also pray for all of you and your churches during this difficult time.

Amelia Fletcher, Conference Disaster Response Coordinator

Susan Hunt, Conference Director of Mission

Gene Schmidt, Pensacola District Disaster Coordinator

Pat Shubird, Baypines District Disaster Coordinator assistant