Glory Sighting: God is at work in Plantersville and Jones

February 06, 2013

(Rev. Butch Cousins) - When I was assigned to be the pastor at Plantersville United Methodist Church and the pastor of Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church things did not look very promising.

Plantersville was in a state of decline and the handful of members were concentrating on keeping the doors open. We began praying for God to show His awesome power and lead this congregation into a closer relationship of service to Him and the community. A few months later, we were given the deed to a community center building that had been closed for several years. I contacted other pastors and community leaders and asked for input on how we could use this building to serve the whole community. A few days later I was approached by an old friend (Jolene Kearns), whom I have known for 25 years, about starting a mobile pantry program through the Montgomery area food bank. We began holding mobile pantries every time we could get one. These mobile pantries gave approximately 125 pounds of food to 125-175 families each time. The cost to us was $250.00 for about 20-22 thousand dollars of food. The program was such a success that the community became excited and we formed a coalition of five churches, which became IMPAC (T) The Intentional Mission of the Plantersville Area Churches. A 501c3 public charity whose stated primary objective was to make an Impact because of the Cross. The members of Plantersville UMC and the surrounding churches suddenly had a mission other than keeping the doors open and people began joining the churches and the mission. One more way that God revealed His glory to us was that the building needed a new roof, estimated cost $16,000.00 we had $3,000 on hand. Working through a great company in Alabama Steel and the wonderful ministry of the Chilton County Carpenters for Christ a new roof was installed for $2,300. God continues to bless Plantersville UMC because of the service to the community started there through the vision of the members and the wonderful help of A.D. (Dayton) Lovelady who was instrumental in getting the building which was after his going home was named A.D.Lovelady Center.

In Jones, Pleasant Valley UMC had slowly lost members from family who had gone home or moved from the area until only three remained. With a membership roll of 25-30, only three people attended worship service and Sunday school each Sunday. Their faithfulness was and still is incredible. Mrs Catherine Colee, her brother Bob Ed Reed and his wife Golda were there every Sunday. We worshipped and prayed each Sunday for God to bless us with new members. This faithful practice continued from 2007 until 2012 when God chose to answer our prayers. First a couple of members came back, then one person joined then another then two families and soon we were having 12-15 every Sunday. We had a young couple join and a few months ago the first baby was born into this church in 39 years. God continues to bless and on Sunday before Christmas 2012 we were blessed to have 37 people in attendance. When we are faithful to God He is more faithful to us.