EQUIP Leader Training

April 05, 2012

(Rev. Neil McDavid) - Cultivating fruitful leaders and congregations who make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world is at the heart of our mission in the Alabama-West Florida Conference. One of the ways we are engaging the cultivation of fruitful leaders is through EQUIP LEADER TRAINING, a biblically based, servant leader training resource. The newly formed Academy for Congregational Excellence is leading this effort in partnership with the John Maxwell EQUIP group.

February 17-18 of this year clergy representatives from each district, along with three lay leaders, were led in the EQUIP leader training by Dr. Herb Sadler, Rev. Ron Ball, Rev. John Bonner, Rev. Neil McDavid and Mrs. Kim Bullard. These persons were led through Notebook One in the EQUIP series which focuses on spiritual formation, skill formation, and strategic formation. The twenty persons involved in the training will each lead a group in their local church and/ or district. The focus in these first steps is on leader development in the small membership church. The Equip leader development process is centered on leaders training leaders who train leaders.

We look forward to this leader development process multiplying leaders, thus growing more fruitful leaders and more fruitful congregations who are "making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."