Deadline Approaches to Register for Holy Land Trip

September 05, 2012

Almost 100 persons have registered for the Alabama-West Florida pilgrimage to the Holy Land hosted by Bishop Paul Leeland, and the invitation is extended to any others who would like to be included. All clergy and laity of the conference are invited, but those clergy ordained or commissioned by Bishop Leeland are especially encouraged to join him for this experience, and a special discounted price is offered for them. But hurry – the final deadline for registering is October 10.

The trip departs January 23, 2013, and returns on February 1 for those who do not take one of the optional extensions. Pastors would miss only one Sunday to take the basic trip.

Brochures are available on the conference website here, and also in the Episcopal Office. Clergy ordained or commissioned by Bishop Leeland should register through Rev. June Jernigan in the Office of Ministerial Services. Others may register by mail using the form on the brochure, by phone at 1-800-247-0017, or online at

It will be a life-changing experience for all who participate. You’ll never read the Bible in the same way again after you have walked in the places where God unfolded His drama of redemption. Its scenes will come alive after you have bowed at the manger in Bethlehem, worshipped on the Sea of Galilee, followed the Palm Sunday crowd down the Mount of Olives, knelt in the Garden of Gethsemane, walked the Via Dolorosa, wept at Golgotha, and sung at the empty tomb.

Join us for this spiritual journey.

Rev. Joe Bullington