Blue Lake Sunday

August 30, 2012

Dear Friends,

Several years ago the Alabama West-Florida Conference designated the second Sunday in September as Camping Sunday* to give attention to your wonderful ministry at Blue Lake Camp and to recognize our dedicated volunteers and partners.

We encourage you to participate on Sunday, September 9, 2012, with churches across the conference to share this ministry with your congregations.

We just completed another exciting summer season, with over 2,000 campers attending many different camp sessions. Our vision of ministry continues to grow as we develop more specialized programs for adults, families, those with special needs, and those seeking spiritual renewal and formation.

Click here to see a wonderful video produced for us by a local church, and perfect for informing your members of the many ways Blue Lake is a vital part of the mission of this conference. Please feel free to download and use anytime; for worship, church dinners, and special programs.

We are also including a bulletin insert encouraging a special gift/pledge to the camp for operations, scholarships, and other needs. Many churches have already done special Blue Lake events this year, and we thank you.

If you have not, consider that your church will be excited to learn of the growth and vision and important ministry that is part of your outreach because of Blue Lake Camp.

If you would like a presenter on hand for any service or program, please contact Phyllis Murray or Jonathan Langston at 334-222-5407.

Thanks always for your support.

Phyllis Murray,
Executive Director

*Conference Journal – Fund Raising and Collection Policies – for Blue Lake improvement and volunteer recognition.