AWF Youth Roundtable Held at Huntingdon College

April 28, 2016
AWF youth workers and volunteers gathered on Thursday, April 28, 2016, at Huntingdon College to exchange ideas and share creative solutions in the field of youth ministry. Sessions were facilitated by Rev. Jeremy Steele (Christ UMC, Mobile), Chase Faulk (Frazer UMC, Montgomery) and Caroline Hare (Destin UMC). Rev. Steele was previously announced as the new AWF Youth Liaison in February of this year. He also serves as the Next Generation Pastor at Christ UMC. 

Participants traveled from all corners of the conference to collaborate with one another. Each person was asked to write one or two questions on a board that the leaders would cover throughout the day, allowing for open discussion about youth workers' most pressing questions and issues. Dr. Cory Smith, Director of Connectional Ministries, welcomed the group and expressed his thanks to all involved. "Our conference is honored to have such a leader as Jeremy Steele guiding youth workers. His expertise and passion are evident in his work. Today was just the beginning of a long-term commitment we have to youth ministry and seeking new disciples for our denomination," said Smith. 

The new year-long AWF Youth Ministry Cohort was also announced at this event. This will be a year-long leadership group that will study various books by professionals in the youth ministry field and also will allow for spiritual development. Click here for photo gallery