AWF Reserve Delegates Provide Support and Prayer

May 19, 2016
The Alabama-West Florida General Conference delegation is comprised of ten delegates; half clergy and half lay. In addition to these ten persons, the AWF elected an additional ten Jurisdictional Conference delegates at Annual Conference 2015. This group has been actively serving all week as reserve delegates when breaks are needed and have also provided support through prayer.

The entire delegation is staying connected with one another using the app, "GroupMe." Each morning the delegation rises to a devotion on this app written by a delegate. Rev. June Jernigan, reserve delegate and District Superintendent of the Baypines Districted commented, "It's been an honor to serve as the first reserve clergy delegate to the 2016 General Conference. The entire AWF delegation has worked diligently and with great commitment to their task. The worship services each day have been meaningful and moving. The legislation work has been slow and tedious. My prayer is that as the United Methodist Church we will find ways to continue building spirit of trust among all delegates. Trust is critical to our work as Christian brothers and sisters in God-directed decision making." 

The reserves pictured above are: Dr. Cory Smith, Rev. Jackie Slaughter, Rev. June Jernigan, Frank Dunnewind, Rev. Rurel Ausley, Rev. Emily Kincaid, Frank Moore and Rev. Tonya Elmore (not pictured, Dr. Rob Couch). Photo by Luke Lucas, AWF