AWF Delegation Task Force Appointed

October 23, 2013

(Montgomery, AL) - UMConnections, a blog about the United Methodist Church, recently reported that the 2016 session of General Conference will see a drop in the number of delegates based on a vote by the Commission. Most likely, the Alabama-West Florida Conference will also see a reduction in the number of delegates in 2016. 

In response to a motion presented at the 2013 Annual Conference, held in Mobile, AL, a task force was implemented to identify information related to persons who wish to make themselves available as a delegate. Bishop Paul Leeland has appointed the following persons to that task force:
Chairperson, Order of Elders: Sara Shaver
Chairperson, Order of Deacons: Emily Kincaid
Chairperson, Fellowship of Local Pastors & Associate Members: Fred Grady
Al Harper
Michael Precht
Trish Bruner
David Goolsby
Wesley Wachob
Jackie Slaughter.

This task force represents the diversity of our Alabama-West Florida Conference from young adult clergy to local pastors to retired pastors--all of whom are eligible to be elected. This group will make a recommendation on what information will be asked as well as how the information will be presented to the conference at 2014 Annual Conference. 



{Photo courtesy of United Methodist Communications}