AWF Delegates Elected to Lead GC Committee Work

May 11, 2016

Today began the legislative process of General Conference with delegates meeting in their assigned committees. Each legislative committee elects a chair, vice-chair and secretary. In addition, if the legislative committee votes to have subcommittees, chairs will be elected for those. Rev. Robin Wilson, co-senior pastor at Dauphin Way UMC in Mobile, AL, was elected as the chair of the Discipleship Committee and Dr. Lawson Bryan, senior minister at Montgomery FUMC, was elected to chair one of the three sub committees of the Financial Administration Committee.

“I am humbled and honored to be elected by my peers. The legislative work of General Conference is essential as we strategically focus the efforts of the UMC to share the love of Christ with our world. In the coming days, the discipleship committee will be reviewing previously submitted petitions to put before the whole General Conference, to make sure that the United Methodist Church will continue live its mission: to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world,” said Wilson. Bryan echoed her sentiments by saying, "I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. The stewardship of our financial ministry is of vital importance to the vitality of our mission and ministry."

Primary sources of legislation are petitions and proposals from churches, agencies and organizations. Petitions must be submitted 210 days before the opening of the conference. Any organization, ordained minister or lay member of the church may petition the General Conference. Approximately 1,000 pieces of legislation are expected at the 2016 assembly, down slightly from the 2012 conference. The bulk of General Conference happens in legislative committees, which receive petitions and proposals, debate them, and determine whether to approve, amend, combine or disapprove them for recommendation to the full body of General Conference. To learn more about the legislative process, click here.

The Alabama-West Florida delegates are on the following committees:
Steve Furr, laity: Church & Society 2
Pat Luna, laity: Judicial Administration 
Beverly Maddox, laity: Faith & Order
Clara Ester, laity: Church & Society 1
Dawn Hare, laity; General Administration
Lawson Bryan, clergy: Financial Administration
Larry Bryars, clergy: Ministry & Higher Education/Superintendency
Jeremy Pridgeon, clergy: Conferences
Robin Wilson, clergy: Discipleship
John Brooks, clergy: Local Church
Frank Moore, laity alternate: Independent Commissions (no vote)
June Jernigan, clergy alternate: Global Ministry (no vote)

Legislation by committees can be found here. To follow along petitions from the Alabama-West Florida Conference, use the five-digit number corresponding to a piece of legislation and enter it into the legislation tracker here