Alabama-West Florida Conference Office to Move This Month

August 01, 2013

(Montgomery, AL) - The Alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church is pleased to announce that conference headquarters will be relocating within the Montgomery area. The Conference Board of Trustees, under the leadership of Rev. Debora Bishop, has researched this move for several years. Rev. Bishop stated, "It was our desire to find a location that will be a permanent home for the conference office. We have been renting space for seven years and know that finding a place we can own will allow us to be better stewards of the conference budget. We have diligently explored various options including renovating existing space at a current Methodist facility, building a new site and purchasing an existing office building. The decision to purchase and renovate was made by the members of the Alabama-West Florida Conference in January and is the best fit for the conference in terms of size, price, location and future ministries to our communities."

The new office is located on Woodmere Boulevard in Montgomery and is situated among other professional office buildings. It is convenient to I-85, the Eastern Bypass and Perry Hill Road. In addition to conference staff and the Episcopal Office, the two Montgomery District offices will now be located within this new building.

The official move dates for the conference office are August 14-15. Because the conference computer server is located on site and must move, there will be a brief time where all staff e-mails will be down. Telephone service will also experience a brief outage during these two days. The plan is to be fully accessible by Friday, August 16. A notification will be sent as soon as telephone and e-mail services are fully restored.

The leadership directors of the conference may be reached by cell phone during the move. Those numbers are as follows:
Frank Dunnewind: 334.488.0667
Rev. June Jernigan: 334.324.4820
Rev. Neil McDavid: 251.510.3514
Mary Catherine Phillips: 334.590.5641
Bishop Paul Leeland's calls may be routed through his assistant, Megyn Ard: 334.318.8720.

The new contact information for the conference and Montgomery District offices maybe be found below.
Alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church
4719 Woodmere Boulevard
Montgomery, AL 36106
Conference Main Telephone: 334.356.8014
Montgomery-Opelika and Montgomery-Prattville Districts Telephone: 334.239.7329
All e-mail addresses will remain the same. Please call for fax information, if needed.

The conference staff, trustees and leaders look forward to hosting a ribbon cutting and open house on Thursday, September 26 from 10am-2pm. More details about this event are forthcoming. Please make plans to attend this celebratory time of fellowship.