Alabama-West Florida Conference Announces McClellan as Contract Grant Writer

March 16, 2017
Bishop David Graves and the Alabama-West Florida Conference are pleased to announce the addition of Mrs. Kristi McClellan as a contract grant writer. Her priority will be assisting the local mission agencies that are currently supported by the AWF conference. As a resource to equip the agencies to seek funding from within their communities, McClellan will work with each agency to help them identify the most appropriate grants for their needs.

McClellan has an extensive history with grant writing. She began working with the Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama in 2002, overseeing its grant and outreach programs. She concluded this work in 2010 to complete her Master’s in Public Health but continued to work with non-profit organizations around the country, assisting them with funding opportunities. 

“We are honored to have Kristi on our staff as a contract grant writer. It is clear she has the knowledge and expertise we need in order to help the local mission agencies within the bounds of our conference,” said Bishop David Graves. "Although securing budget funding is becoming more of a challenge, we are confident Kristi can assist these organizations with even more opportunities than they currently have with the conference. I look forward to seeing the fruit of her work and the impact it will have on these vital ministries.” 

McClellan explained more about the vast funding sources. “We will look at all potential funding avenues for our agencies that best match their individual missions. Every grant is different and funders all have varying requirements. Some require very little work for a large donation and others require extensive applications for smaller funds. Regardless, every bit helps,” said McClellan. She continued, “We want to ensure that what we ask for is appropriately related to the organization’s budget. Most funders don’t want to give more than 20% of your operating budget or 50% of your project. So, as you see, the more opportunities we can explore, the more return we can expect. These funders also expect to understand exactly how the money will be used so it’s crucial the agency is as organized and transparent as possible. We will also utilize our United Methodist connection to identify and explore contacts with local foundations, banks and city officials who often have funding to issue to various organizations.” 

She will begin her contract work immediately with the following local mission agencies:
Alabama Rural Ministries (Auburn, AL)
The Ark (Panama City Beach, FL)
Communities of Transformation (conference wide)
Dumas Wesley Community Center (Mobile, AL)
Mary Ellen’s Heart at Nellie Burge Community Center (Montgomery, AL)
Milk & Honey Outreach (Pensacola, FL)
Mobile Inner City Mission (Mobile, AL)
Pensacola United Methodist Community Ministries (Pensacola, FL).

McClellan is a graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Health Science Education. As previously mentioned, she obtained her Masters in Public Health. She is married to Rev. Dr. Darren McClellan, Baypines District Superintendent, and together, they have three sons, Joshua, John and Maxwell. They reside in the Spanish Fort, AL, area.