Alabama Rural Ministry Hosts Works Teams Over Summer Break

July 13, 2018
Over the past five weeks (and two more to go), Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM) has hosted several youth mission teams engaged in home repair and children’s ministry. The following churches from our Annual Conference have sent teams: Demopolis UMC, Thomasville UMC, Tallassee UMC, Trinity UMC-Fort Walton, Auburn UMC and Mary Esther UMC. ARM also had teams from our friends in North Alabama: Fayette UMC, Gracepoint from Mt. Olive (Birmingham) and Birmingham Cooperative (Highlands UMC). Out of state teams have come from Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Texas. The twelve mission interns hosting the teams are engaged in their college ministries and five are part of Wesley Foundations! The connectional system is certainly at work.

The teams have served with many families including Ms. Morris, who uses a motorized scooter for mobility. Teams remodeled her bathroom and installed a walk-in tub and removed the porcelain freestanding tub, which was unusable. Her joy and celebration as she glorified God cannot be explained enough. Ms. White shares her dream of ministering to children at the local school and is a retired educator. However, the leaks in her roof were diverting her financial resources and creating anxiety. Now she can focus on her own ministry. Ms. Johnson in Livingston loves talking with the teams and sharing her rich faith. Those groups are building a pole barn roof over her mobile home!

Another aspect of the ARM summer ministry is the day camp where several children from Tuskegee and Livingston are reached each day. They are learning how each one is God’s masterpiece and how He uses our good works for His glory. Mission teams teach Bible stories, sing/dance, do arts and crafts, read engaging stories with the kids each day and so much more. These children get heavenly doses of love, mercy, and compassion each day as they dream about how God can use them.

So far it has been an amazing summer! ARM invites you to join them in the future as they develop spiritual leaders transforming our communities as we create sustainable homes and strengthen families for God’s glory!