A New Place For New People " The Journey

August 09, 2012

(Rev. Neil McDavid) - July 1, 2011, The Rev. Sean and Sandra Peters were appointed to the growing Crestview, FL area to plant a new United Methodist Church. The church, The Journey, began public worship gatherings at Crestview High School in January of this year and has grown steadily connecting with new families and offering a variety of opportunities to serve within the community. The Journey Java Connection, the thriving church coffee shop on Main Street in Crestview, is a missional outpost for the church and has helped them connect with artists, musicians, local businesses and hundreds of “locals” in creative and innovative ways. Plans going forward include expanding student ministries, developing more small groups, launching more community development ministries, actively engaging in local mission and finding a permanent home for worship celebrations, discipleship and community ministry. The Journey is reaching out to many unchurched people in the Crestview area and making a significant difference in the life of that community. The Journey speaks of itself in this way, “we are not perfect, and we don’t expect you to be perfect either. We are a group of travelers searching for meaning and purpose in this life. We follow Jesus because we believe He offers it to us.”

To learn more about The Journey go to www.journeycrestview.com or check out Facebook at www.facebook.com/journeycrestview and www.facebook.com/journeyjavaconnection. Also please aware that Pastor Sean tweets at twitter.com/revseanpeters and blogs at www.creatinggrace.blogspot.com.

Is your church doing something new like starting a new community of faith, starting a new service, thinking about starting a second campus? What new thing is your church doing to reach new people? Please know I would love to hear about new things you are doing. Contact me at neil@awfumc.org and let me know how you are creating “new places for new people” or post on our conference Facebook page