2015 Conference Missional Giving Highest in Fifteen Years

February 05, 2016
The Alabama-West Florida Conference celebrated its highest conference missional giving (apportionments) in fifteen years. After year-end totals were calculated, the conference reported that 87.99% of apportionments were paid in 2015, the highest given since 2001. A steady increase has been reported each year since 2009. The Marianna-Panama City District had the highest percentage given of the eight districts with 92.78%. This record is also noteworthy because of the ongoing Imagine No Malaria campaign that was accomplished in January and the conference budget is the lowest it has been since 2001. Bishop Paul Leeland expressed his thanks by saying, “I am deeply grateful to the Alabama-West Florida Conference for making our connectional giving a priority. It reinforces our commitment to one another and the mission of the church. These missional dollars allow us to reach beyond the walls of our own churches to minister to those in all areas of our world to ensure they know the love of Jesus Christ. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each of you for your generosity and look forward to setting another record in 2016.”