A Word from Bishop Graves: 2023 Appointment Timeline

February 23, 2023

Friends of the Alabama-West Florida Conference,
Each year the cabinet and I publish a detailed outline of the appointment-making timeline with precise dates of how our work will unfold and when pastors will be notified if they are to receive a new appointment.
The appointment process is underway, and the cabinet and I have been prayerfully conducting our work; doing our best to project all that we are able.
The cabinet will project most of the appointments between March 21-23.
The hope is to have the majority of the work completed by March 27 and communicate to those pastors who will be moving as well as SPR committee chairs.

Due to the uncertainty with some churches whether they will remain United Methodist or pursue disaffiliation, the 2023 appointment process is fluid and will continue throughout the year.
We appreciate your prayers during this season. This process is unprecedented yet continues to be the most important work we do. My prayers are with you during this Lenten journey.
Bishop David Graves
Resident Bishop
Alabama-West Florida Conference