A Word from Bishop Graves: Updated Appointment Timeline

March 17, 2021

Connectional friends,
On January 25, 2021, I shared this original timeline of the appointment making process. While the cabinet and I have adhered to this timeline thus far, we will need to adjust our schedule due to the complexity of our work.
I have shared this opinion with you before and I will share it again. The appointment process is one of the most important responsibilities of a bishop. I do not take this duty lightly, nor does the cabinet.
Having said that, the cabinet has been diligently working this week. As you might have seen on Facebook, we were able to conduct our work in person while adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. It has been one year since we have been together and we give thanks for the ability to safely meet.
Before I share the revised timeline, I humbly ask that you continue to pray for us as we seek to complete the appointment work. We know that we are impacting the lives of clergy, spouses, families, congregations and communities. The presence of the Lord has surely been in this place.
The following revised timeline will guide our coming work:
March 15-18: The cabinet projected several appointments during these days but had to postpone their work due to potential severe weather.

March 22-24: Some pastors moving will receive a phone call from their district superintendent to set a meeting to go over their projected appointment and pastor-parish chairs will be called and told of the projected appointment. The full SPRC will be informed and instructed to keep the appointment confidential. Additional calls will be made as appointments are projected.

April 5-6: The cabinet will reconvene and hopes to conclude their appointment work around full-time appointments.

April 7-June 6: The cabinet will continue to work on filling part-time appointments and other situations that might arise as pastoral introductions are made.
April 11 and after: Pastors and churches are free to publicly communicate the new appointment unless otherwise directed by the district superintendent. No bulletin, pulpit or social media announcements should be made prior to this date.
April 12: Pastoral Transition materials will be given to district superintendents to organize with their respective districts. If you are receiving a new appointment, your incoming superintendent will contact you with more details so that all may have a successful start.
Thank you for your grace during this time. We appreciate your support and prayers.
In Christ,
Bishop David W. Graves
Alabama-West Florida Conference