Wellness Program 2021

February 10, 2021

Dear Eligible Participants,
Welcome to the AWFUMC Wellness program. 2020 was without a doubt a challenging year. While some of you were able to make your health and wellness a priority, others were not able to do so.
The conference would like to partner with you to help you prioritize your health. All we need is a few motivated folks with some good walking shoes, a willing spirit and a desire to get healthy and have some fun. 
On February 15th, we will start a walking challenge that will take us on a virtual journey around the bounds of the Alabama-West Florida Conference, from Chilton county, down to Gulf County, over to Mobile and all the way back up to Bibb, until we have made a complete circuit. You have heard the term circuit riders, we will be circuit walkers!
More details of this 2021 walking challenge are forthcoming but first, we need you to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Register on the CHC Wellness site.  Go to https://www.chcw.com/. To the right of the screen, either login or register. You will need to enter this code 4584Ala145.
  2. Sync your fitness tracker to the CHC portal. 
    1. Once you are successfully logged in from the first step, look on the page to your right for the setting button.
    2. Click on this button, then select from the menu that appears, Linked Apps and Devices – click on the manage button.
    3. On the next screen, click on “Link your Tracker” and then follow the steps. 

While we know the numerous challenges you face, it will be easier to navigate them if you are in good health. Walking not only physically helps you, it provides a positive mental space to navigate difficult decision.
Stay tuned for the details of the challenge coming soon!
Call BeLinda Carnegie (334-425-9188 or 334-356-1063) or Suzanne Krejcar (334-356-1034 voice or 850-843-0718 voice/text) if you have questions about registering or syncing your tracker.

You can start your registration NOW!