New Vital Conversation Topic and Dates Released

July 08, 2020

In Bishop David Graves’ statement released on June 4, 2020, he charged us all to listen to one another. “I am asking all people of the Alabama-West Florida Conference to listen and stand in solidarity with people of color!” So that we may live into this charge, we will be providing several opportunities to take part in two different Vital Conversations via Zoom from July 13-25.
As you may remember, we offered “Vital Conversations: Meaningful Conversations on Race” during the latter part of 2019 and early 2020. These gatherings allowed people of all races to come together to have open and honest dialogue about issues around race and what hinders us from having these conversations. For those who may have missed being involved in one of these gatherings, we are again offering this topic.
Additionally, we are introducing a new Vital Conversation–“Vital Conversations: Deconstructing White Privilege.” This session will focus its discussions around a video in which Dr. Robin DiAngelo (author of What Does It Mean to Be White? Developing White Racial Literacy and White Fragility: Why it’s so Hard for White People to Talk About Racism) discusses white privilege couched in overt and implied/unspoken prejudices–also referred to as explicit and implicit biases. Dr. DiAngelo also addresses the obvious aspects of racism and white privilege.
Below are the dates and times that each session will be offered. Please note that two of the sessions are specifically for young adults, which in our context is ages 18-40. Each session will be led by a facilitator and will last no longer than two hours. Once you have identified the session that you would like to attend, click on the associated time to access the Zoom registration. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. (NOTE: While both sessions are open to all, Dr. DiAngelo’s lecture used in the “Deconstructing White Privilege” session is geared towards a white audience.)

Deconstructing White Privilege
Tuesday, July 14 - Noon    5pm (Young Adults 18-40)
Thursday, July 16 - Noon   6pm
Saturday, July 18 - 10am
Tuesday, July 21 - Noon    5pm
Thursday, July 23 - Noon   5pm   6pm
Meaningful Conversations on Race
Tuesday, July 14 - 5pm
Thursday, July 16 - 6pm
Saturday, July 18 - 10am
Tuesday, July 21 - Noon    6pm (Young Adults 18-40)
Thursday, July 23 - 6pm
Saturday, July 25 - 5pm

Should you have any questions or need to cancel or change your registration, please email Celeste Eubanks at
Thanks to the following clergy and laity who will be serving as our facilitators:
Rev. Bill Curtin, Rev. Ashley Davis, Deaconess Celeste Eubanks, Rev. Alan Gantzhorn, Rev. Andy Gartman, Michelle Hamff, Rosaland Harrison, Rev. Cheryl Hinnen, Rev. Kelli Hitchman-Craig, Rev. Sarah Jones, Rev. Dr. Holly Morales, Rev. Audrey Rodgers, Deaconess Annette Winston, Rev. Kirsten Wright, Rev. Micah Wright, and Katy Wrona