Alabama-West Florida Conference Important Announcements and Updates Related to COVID-19

April 29, 2020
There are several important announcements for clergy, lay leaders, lay members to annual conference and staff parish relations chairs. Please take time to carefully read these announcements.

Annual Conference Dates

The 2020 session of annual conference continues to be revised as health and safety projections are made for large gatherings in late summer and fall. Because it is difficult to forecast, the conference is now shifting to a virtual-only event to be held June 28-29, 2020. There are many details to be arranged that will be announced at a later date, including a revised working agenda. Only essential reports and tasks will be conducted at this conference.

Virtual Safe Sanctuaries

On April 29, 2020, the Alabama-West Florida Conference Board of Trustees adopted an addendum to the current Safe Sanctuaries policy. This document is for online and digital ministry due to COVID-19. Each pastor who is currently under appointment at a local church is required to acknowledge that you have received and adopted this document for your local church.
-Click here for addendum
-Click here to sign the acknowledgement form

Church Restart Resources

At this time, Bishop David Graves has recommended churches remain closed through May 17, 2020. However, churches need to utilize this time to carefully plan for how they will reopen in the future. Please establish a COVID-19 task force or leadership team within your local church to discuss this plan.
Restart resources are on our Website at

AWF Daily Devotional

The AWF daily devotional will continue indefinitely with a revision to the schedule.
-The traditional devotional will continue to be held on Mondays at 10am.
-A lectio divina will be led by Rev. Julie Hare of Auburn UMC on Wednesdays at 10am.
This will allow our conference to continue to stay connected through this platform while also giving space and acknowledging technology calendars are full.
The Zoom link will remain the same.

AWF Clergy Devotional

At this time, the Monday afternoon clergy devotional will remain as planned at 4:00pm. The frequency will most likely be reduced in the coming weeks for the same reasons mentioned above.
-Rev. Allison Posell referenced two resources in the April 27th gathering.
         The Sprint Teams (COVID-19) document may be found here.
         Click here for The Common Symptoms Following A Traumatic Event.
The Zoom link will remain the same.

 Please visit for updated information.