Important Announcements from the AWF Treasurer

April 01, 2020


In the midst of COVID-19, important information is rapidly changing and evolving. There are several urgent actions you or your church might need to take to maximize your potential financial assistance. 

1) The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act information page on the AWF Website has been published. Please be aware it is being frequently updated and edited. We encourage you to check it often. The easy URL is There are some immediate things you can do to better prepare your church, which are listed on this page, as this act continues to be evaluated. 

2) The Alabama Small Business Development Center Network (SBDC) is hosting three webinars this week regarding the updated process for applying for the SBDC Economic Injury Disaster Loan, the $10k forgivable advance, and the new Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Each webinar is limited to the first 1,000 participants. There is not a similar option for Florida churches but conference leadership continues to research this option. Resources specifically for Florida may be found click here. The SBDC Webinars are as follows:

3) The Alabama-West Florida Conference Fiscal Office is providing an online giving platform to local churches who do not have their own as a way for members to give to their churches during the COVID-19 period of isolation. Church members may access the giving form via this online link. Churches who wish to take advantage of this service should please complete an ACH/direct deposit form, print, sign and return to Suzanne Krejcar at The name, email and telephone number of the signer must be included and must be an established financial contact for the church. The fiscal office will contact the pastor as a secondary validation measure before any funds are sent. Once the ACH information is validated by the pastor, the funds will be transmitted electronically every second Tuesday to the local church along with an e-mail confirmation and donor file. This e-mail will be sent both to the financial contact and the pastor.

4) As a reminder, an important announcement was made yesterday to inform churches of the 1/12th apportionment reduction and the two-month benefit exemption. Click here for release. In order to allow churches that may be applying for the Paycheck Protection Program (that will cover payroll, health insurance and certain other costs until June 30th), we will structure the health insurance holiday (April/May) as a simple two month credit that the church can elect to take either when designated or at any point until end of year. In this way, those churches that are applying for the PPP can delay taking the credit and get a “double” benefit while other churches who may not apply, can proceed with taking the credit.

The Alabama-West Florida Conference will continue to provide necessary guidance on fiscal matters as it relates to COVID-19. If I can be of assistance to you, please reach out to me through email: My prayers are with each of you daily and together, we will make it through this uncertain time. 

With Appreciation,
Suzanne Krejcar
AWF Treasurer