General Conference Day Four: Plenary Session

February 26, 2019

A Video Message from Bishop Graves

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A Statement from the Alabama-West Florida Conference

The 2019 special-called session of General Conference has adjourned. Eight hundred and sixty-four delegates from around the world convened in St. Louis, MO, on February 23-26, 2019. The delegates examined paragraphs in the United Methodist Book of Discipline concerning human sexuality and considered different various legislative pieces related to that topic.
In the legislative committee, several petitions passed, including the Traditional Plan. The One Church Plan did not pass. The Traditional Plan was passed in the plenary session but yesterday, several components of the Traditional Plan were ruled unconstitutional by the Judicial Council. The plan, as a whole, will be referred to Judicial Council again for review. Any components of The Traditional Plan deemed constitutional by The Judicial Council will take effect in January of 2020. We are, therefore, still under the guidance of the 2016 Book of Discipline.  
General Conference is the top policy-making body of The United Methodist Church and is the only voting body who can speak for the denomination. The next session will be held May 5-15, 2020. Ten delegates, half clergy and half laity, represented the Alabama-West Florida Conference at this gathering.

-The Alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church

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In the News

Morning Worship: The offering in morning worship was for UMCOR, which consistently continues to assist the Alabama-West Florida Conference after Hurricane Michael. We are grateful for their partnership. 

Plenary Session: Today's work includes petitions that were passed in yesterday's session and the One Church Plan minority report. Complete details of amendments from yesterday may be found in today's DCA. Complete details on the plenary session will be available in the final DCA. 

One Church Plan #15 - Central Conference Implementation Time - Par. 543.17:
Petition number 90015 is found on page 383 in today's DCA (item one). The petition passed 507 to 310. 

One Church Plan #16 - Pension Liabilities - Par. 1504:
One Church Plan #17 - CRSP Amendment - Par. 1504:

Petitions 90016 and 90017 are found in the DCA on page 383, item two and three. An amendment was made, then they passed 561 to 254. A motion was made to reconsider these petitions citing some unintended consequences. That motion was approved 664 to 153. 90016 was amended by substitution and called to question. The amendment was passed 489 to 325. It was adopted 561 to 256. 

Judicial Council Ruling: Rev. Gary Graves, secretary of the General Conference, gave a report from the Judicial Council. Decision 1377, petition for declaratory decision for legislative committee of the General Conference regarding the constitutionality of legislative petitions amended and/or approved by legislative committee. Judicial Council made the following determination.:
90032 is constitutional;
90033 violates paragraphs 20 and 58 and is unconstitutional;
90034 violates paragraphs 20 and 58 and is unconstitutional;
90035 violates paragraphs 20 and 58 and is unconstitutional; 
90036 is constitutional;
90037 violates the principle of legality and is unconstitutional; 
90038 violates the principle of legality and is unconstitutional;
90039 violates the principle of legality and is unconstitutional;
90040 violates the principle of legality and is unconstitutional;
90042 is constitutional;
90043 is constitutional;
90044 is constitutional;
90045, second sentence, violates paragraphs 20 and 58 and is unconstitutional;
90046 is constitutional;
90047 is constitutional;
90059 violates paragraphs 33 and 41 and is unconstitutional;
90066 violates paragraph 33 and is unconstitutional. 

Minority Report, One Church Plan: 
The minority report has parliamentary priority and therefore was discussed next. Bishop Gregory Palmer, the presiding bishop, heard three speeches for and three against before a prayer was offered. The motion to substitute failed 374 to 449 and thus failed. 

The Traditional Plan
The traditional plan (except 90041 and 90048) as amended can be found on pages 182-186,190-194 in the ADCA. It passed 438 to 384. It will be referred to judicial council (see below). 

Disaffiliation Taylor New paragraph 2553: 
A minority report was presented as it was originally ruled unconstitutional. Petition number 90066 is on page 205 in the ADCA. The substitution for the minority report passed 402 to 400, therefore, making it the majority report. A vote was then taken on the minority report. It passed 420 to 390. 

Referral to Judicial Council: A motion was made to refer the Traditional Plan to the Judicial Council for a declaratory decision: It required a 20% vote and passed with a count of 405 to 395.  

AWF Spiritual Directors: The Alabama-West Florida Spiritual Directors are available to anyone in our conference who would like prayer in the coming days. Click here and Rev. Ashley Davis, AWF Director of Connectional Ministries, will coordinate your request.

AWF Post-conference Meetings

Bishop David Graves , the delegation and AWF conference leadership are inviting all clergy and laity to join them for an overview of the called session and a question and answer time. The dates and locations are below. Registration is not required for the meetings except for the two clergy gatherings. 

Thursday, March 7, 2019, at Montgomery FUMC
Saturday, March 9, 2019, at Covenant UMC in Dothan, AL
Saturday, March 9, 2019, at Covenant UMC in Dothan, AL (local pastors and associate members)
Sunday, March 10 2019, at Christ UMC in Mobile, AL
Monday, March 11, 2019, at Christ UMC in Mobile, AL (clergy) 


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