Hurricane Michael Disaster Response, November 7, 2018

November 07, 2018

Thank you for your continued generosity and desire to help those in the panhandle of Florida. The response from the Alabama-West Florida Conference will be a long-term effort.

It is extremely important to remind local churches and any volunteer teams to please register through this portal. Your skill level will be matched with the appropriate needs. Even if you have a desire to work with a specific church, we ask that you register your team so that we do not have too many volunteers in one area that could potentially overwhelm a church or area in need. 

As time progresses, it is natural to see a decrease of volunteers. We need many more teams in the coming weeks and months. The conference is asking that each local church identify members who could attend training to then serve. Click here for upcoming trainings

There is a crucial need for trained assessors (UMCOR trained and qualified ERT persons) to come into the Port St. Joe community as soon as possible. After surveying the damage to homes, the majority of them have not been inspected. Housing has been arranged for up to 24 people. Volunteers would be responsible for their own breakfast and some restaurants are open in the community. Please register through the portal

The conference has established a formal partnership with 28 churches that received damage from the hurricane and their pastors. These pastors have been given a prayer partner who can not only care for spiritual needs but can help communicate back to the conference any specific needs from the church or community. If your church has a desire to partner with a specific church, please let Rev. Ashley Davis know of your plans so that we do not duplicate efforts. 

We continue to ask for monetary donations through the conference. This money is already being distributed to support staff salaries at churches that currently are not operational on a day-to-day basis. Our connection is at work thanks to your generosity. 

We will continue to send updates as needed and greatly appreciate the many ways you have shown your expressions of love and care.