AWF Conference Announces New Hurricane Michael Volunteer Portal

October 29, 2018

The Alabama-West Florida Conference is announcing a new online portal that will register Hurricane Michael volunteer teams. The new portal was established through the Planning Center software, which many medium- and large-sized churches use to register church check ins, membership tracking, registrations and fees.
This user-friendly site is simple and allows conference leaders to quickly match teams and their skills with the appropriate need. Teams are also able to request specific work days. The data will come into the Incident Command Center at Woodlawn UMC where they will assess the information. In the long-term efforts, the conference will assume this responsibility.
“Due to the overwhelming response we have seen from people wanting to help, this is the best way we can be effective and serve the most people in need,” said Rev. Shawn York, Hurricane Michael Response Director. Rev. Ashley Davis, AWF Director of Connectional Ministries, stated, “It is also essential that the conference be able to track volunteers, regardless of skill level, for potential grants. We are grateful to Chris Holbrook at Gulf Breeze UMC for his work on this site.” 
The response effort is also now open to out-of-conference ERT Teams who are badged and 100% self-contained (bring your own food, water, gasoline and either have your own housing/lodging or enter and leave the same day). We are appreciative of these dedicated volunteers who have a heart for mission and service.
Click here to access volunteer team portal.