Hurricane Florence update

September 16, 2018

Thank you for your prayers for those who have been affected by the winds, storms, and floods brought by Hurricane Florence in South Carolina, North Carolina, and its continued path up the east coast.

ERT Teams:
Our AWF conference disaster response leadership team has been in touch with officials from UMCOR and our counterparts in the affected conferences. At this time, they are still waiting for waters to recede before they do assessments and know what they need. Their own ERT teams are not yet being sent into the harmful or dangerous situations; they have not offered invitations for our teams to travel there, either.

If your ERT teams are interested in serving in the Carolinas, now is the time to review your response protocol, form your teams, and get any necessary vaccinations or booster shots (e.g., tetanus) to avoid future possible illnesses. We will send out more information when they have requested teams.

However, there will be many offers of help for the Carolinas from major metropolitan areas closer to the east coast. Please consider planning a long-term recovery team in the spring or summer.

The affected conferences are not yet asking for UMCOR relief kits, but will soon begin receiving those direct from the UMCOR depot in Sager Brown, Louisiana, and other UMCOR affiliated warehouses. If your church is interested in assembling relief kits (cleaning kits and hygiene kits), we will collect them and send them to Sager Brown or the warehouse in Decatur, AL. This is by request from the affected conferences.

Watch for additional details in the next few days on where these items will be collected in the Alabama-West Florida Conference.

*NOTE:  We are only collecting cleaning kitshygiene kits, scoop shovels (flat), wheelbarrows, box fans, and rakes, all in good condition. Click on the kits' names for more details on contents for each kit. Please do not collect clothing, water, food or other supplies.

Financial contributions:
The best way to respond to those who are affected, after prayer, is through financial contributions. If your church would like to collect/make an offering for Hurricane Florence, make your check payable to AWFC with "Hurricane Florence" in the memo line. Send it to AWFC - Fiscal Office, 4719 Woodmere Blvd, Montgomery, AL 36106.

We will continue to update the conference website as we learn more in the next few days and weeks. Visit this link: