Mission InSite has a dedicated page on our website because it is a vital tool . No single tool is more helpful for congregations and leaders in learning about the communities we serve and the people who inhabit them. Through Mission InSite, we can even help you prepare for those who will be moving into your community over the next 10 years. It is so specific with regard to various demographics — age and income ranges, ethnicity, interests and concerns, recreation and hobbies, etc. 

The Office of Congregational Development pays an annual fee for access to Mission InSite. Instead of purchasing your own membership or attempting to access the tools, we prefer that churches request a Mission InSite report from our office. There are several reasons for this. First, we can create a report to meet your unique search criteria; second, your request signals a response from our office to follow up and confer with you about results; third, the site is so intricately designed that a trained navigator will help you gain access to the most helpful information; and finally, you will receive your requested report in 24-48 hours with zero effort on your part, except for the email or phone call. 

We have included a link to the Mission InSite website so that you can become acquainted with what it can do. Then, reach out to our office and let us help you get started. Mission InSite is a valuable resource for any sized church.


To contact us to request a Mission InSite report and analysis, call (850) 291-1244 or email Sandy Gutting at sgutting@mchsi.com.