Missional Giving Calculator

(Mary Catherine Phillips, Conference Director of Communications) - Thanks to the Paul Schneider at Brick River, a quick video was made to walk you through the apportionment calculator. Please pass this link to the churches in your district or anyone else that could benefit from the simple walk through. Just paste the URL into your browser and hit the play button in the center of the screen.


Here are some highlights of the new calculator that has been implemented.

Go to www.awfucm.org/apportionmentcalculator. You may also access it by going to the main page of our Web site and under “Features” there is link that says, “Apportionment Calculator.”

The calculator is divided into two sections; one being the World Service Fund and the other being Conference Benevolence. If they know their amounts, they can enter them into the two areas. If they do not, they can either check with their pastor or the Fiscal Office.

After clicking “calculate” they will see the breakdowns of how much their church is paying into each fund. Each line item is clickable to learn more about the funds.
Please note is that it is not updated for 2012.