Methodist Moments

(Rod Manning) - Did you know… That the word "Methodist" was originally used as a derogatory term? In 1726, at Christ Church in Oxford, England, Charles Wesley formed a society which was known as the Holy Club. These persons were also derisively known as "Enthusiasts" and "Bible Moths." Within the society, the Wesley brothers adopted certain rules for right living, and apportioned their time very methodically and systematically to study and handle religious duties, allotting as little as possible to sleeping and eating, and as much time as possible to devotion. This precise regularity caused a member of Christ Church to say derisively, "Here is a new set of Methodists sprung up." John Wesley, in an address to George II, designates his societies "the people in derision called Methodists," and in his English Dictionary he defines a Methodist as "one who lives according to the method laid down in the Bible."