Leadership Directory Staff

Misty Barrett

AC-CR-HE Board of Higher Education/Campus Ministry, Chair
(334) 693-2956

Debbie Bell

AC-PR-MW AWF Conference United Methodist Women (UMW) President

David Bowen

AC-LS Director, AWF Conference Lay Servant
(334) 353-0848

Jess Burns

DT-LL-DM Demopolis District Lay Leader
(205) 861-1131

June Carpenter

AC-PR-TE AWF Conference Board of Trustees President

Michael Cobb

AC-CR-ES Commission on Equitable Compensation, Chair
(205) 371-2539

Allen Dunham

AC-PR-MM AWF Conference United Methodist Men (UMM) President
(334) 406-1263

Lance Eiland

AC-CR-TCC Town and Country Commission Chair
(334) 872-1401

Clara Ester

DT-LL-MOB Mobile District Lay Leader

Amelia Fletcher

AC-DS Conference Disaster Response Coordinator
(251) 968-2549

Gene Floore

DT-LL-PNS Pensacola District Lay Leader

Beebe Frederick

AC-PR-CFA Council on Finance & Administration, President
(334) 834-6260

Chuck Gambrell

DT-LL-MTOP Montgomery - Opelika District Lay Leader

Cathy Givan

DT-LL-MPT Montgomery - Prattville District Lay Leader
(334) 262-4974

Cliff Haynes

DT-LL-DO Dothan District Lay Leader

Rob Haynes

AC-DS Conference Disaster Response Coordinator

Jenni Hendrix

AC-CR-HE Board of Higher Education/Campus Ministry, Chair

Lisa Hunt

AC-CR-DC Board of Discipleship, Chair

Mandie Kinsey

DT-LL-BP Baypines District Lay Leader

Steve Lewandowski

AC-ED-BT Executive Director, Blue Lake
(334) 222-5407

Beverly Maddox

AC-LL AWF Conference Lay Leader
(850) 261-7098

Vaughn Nichols, Jr.

AC-SG Conference Scouting Representative
(850) 444-6955

Frederick Outlaw

AC-CR-CD Board of Congregational Development, Chair

Olivia Poole

AC-CR-AH Commission on Archives & History, Chair
(334) 347-9023

Allison Posell

AC-RE Conference Registrar
(334) 239-8327

Ruth Ann Powers

AC-PR-CW Commission on the Status & Role of Women (COSROW), President

Jim Sanders

AC-CR-BOM Board of Ordained Ministry, Chair
(334) 793-3555

Gayle Thomas

DT-LL-DO Dothan District Lay Leader

Jason Thrower

AC-CR-GM Board of Global Ministries, Chair

Norman Tinsley

AC-CR-AE Committee on Ethnic Local Church Concerns, Chair

Cameron Winton

DT-LL-MPC Marianna - Panama City District Lay Leader
(850) 234-3196