Lay Speaking Ministry Events

Lay Speaking Ministries

Lay Speaker Annual Training Blue Lake March 15-17, 2013

The Dothan District will host Lay Speaker Training on October 12 - 13, 2012 at First United Methodist Church, Enterprise.

Courses Offered:
BASIC COURSE: The first course for those preparing to become Lay Speakers. All Lay Speakers are required by The Discipline to take this course. Instructors: Team of Lay Speakers from the District led by Larry Lambert and Mike Arnold.
These courses are designed to enhance ministry skills and are required for certification of those who have completed the Basic Course. These courses are also required for those Certified Lay Speakers who wish to recertify or desire additional learning opportunities.
LAY SPEAKERS TELL STORIES: The focus of this course is preparing speakers to tell their own faith stories and to properly use stories in messages and witnessing. Instructors: Bob Kirkby and Margaret Gibbs.
GO PREACH: A course of basic skills in sermon preparation. The course also focuses on the do’s and don’ts of delivering sermons. Each participant will prepare and deliver a sermon and receive feedback from the class. Instructor: Rev. Andy Blackmon.
TRAINING THE TRAINERS: A course for those desiring to teach classes at Lay Speaker training events. The Alabama-West Florida Conference Committee on Lay Speaking requires all teachers of Lay Speaking classes to take this course. The course focuses on how adults learn and techniques to improve our teaching skills. It will be helpful to you in any area of teaching. Instructors: Team of Lay Speakers from the Dothan District led by Judy Reiter.
UNDERSTANDING MEN’S MINISTRIES: The objective of this course is to generate interest and skills for effective men’s ministries. The course is open to both men and women. Lay Speakers will receive credit for an advanced course but you do not have to be a Lay Speaker to attend, everyone is welcome. The course uses the book No Man Left Behind as its text. Instructors will be a team of United Methodist Men lead by Allen Dunham.

For more information, please contact Judy Reiter