Laity Equipping Laity Video Series

The “Laity Equipping Laity” video series, a project of the AWF Board of Laity, was released in January 2022. This video series was produced to help all AWF local church leaders understand the details of their roles and will be helpful whether you are returning to the committee or are a new member. 

SPR/PPR Committee Training Video: Introduction by Alexis Tibbetts; featuring Bishop David Graves
Click here to access handouts mentioned in the video. 

Local Church Lay Leaders: featuring Beverly Maddox, conference lay leader

Church Council Chair: featuring Gene Floore, Pensacola district lay leader

Local Church Trustees: featuring Christy Crow, AWF trustee and attorney

Local Church Treasurers: featuring Suzanne Krejcar, AWF treasurer and administrator

Lay Servant Ministries: featuring Beverly Maddox, conference lay leader on behalf of Judy Reiter, conference director of lay servant ministries

Disaster Response: featuring Ron Toole, Pensacola district disaster response coordinator

Mission & Outreach: featuring Joe Davis, Auburn UMC director of outreach and mission

​*Through Vimeo, you may download the video to play directly from your computer if streaming video is an issue in your area. 

Many thanks to the local churches who helped shoot these videos and to Luke Lucas for his editing and production services.