Prayer Labyrinth

In January of 2005, our Bishop and conference task force on Spiritual Development held a service to bless our new conference Labyrinth.  The 36 foot or a 24 foot canvas labyrinth are now available for use in churches and retreat settings throughout our annual conference.

The Labyrinth is a tool to use in contemplative prayer and meditation.  The Labyrinth is often confused with a maze but instead of misleading walkers it quietens the mind, provides a clear path to the center and then back out.

The labyrinth is on a large piece of flat canvas which means you can always see the center.  The destination is assured, so that the mind can be still and attentive to God.  The labyrinth does nothing on its own but is simply a tool helpful for many people in deepening their prayer lives.  Each walk into and out of the labyrinth is a unique opportunity to meet our creative, loving God through contemplative prayer.

The Labyrinth is available at annual conference and is also available for use in your local setting.  

You may reserve the large Labyrinth ( 36 ‘) by contacting First United Methodist Church in Pensacola, FL 
(850) 432-1434 and ask for Lisa Bond.  For the small (24') Labyrinth contact the Conference Resource Center (334) 356-8014 and ask for Traci Herndon. Please comply to the guidelines for using the Labyrinth.  These guidelines are provided to help prolong the usage of the conference’s two labyrinths.  We appreciate your care and efforts of not only the protection of the labyrinths, but also your care and efforts to help provide experiential soul care for one's inward journey as they prayer-walk the labyrinth.  Anyone who reserves it must leave a $100.00 returnable deposit (this includes all Spiritual Directors, clergy, laity, etc.)  

Click HERE to view and download the guidelines. 

Click here for a downloadable flyer on "What Is A Labyrinth".  For details about what a labyrinth is as well as pictures, click here for an online video.

For more information, please contact Patti Bodenhamer