Information For Delegation

The United Methodist Church’s top legislative body will meet at the Oregon Convention Center, the largest convention center in the Pacific Northwest, on May 10-20, 2016.


Alabama-West Florida Delegation Contact Information

To contact the heads of the delegation, contact Dr. Steve Furr here (laity) or Dr. Lawson Bryan here (clergy). 

Delegate Breakdown from annual conferences and central conferences

Total General Conference delegates = 864

Total General Conference delegates from Alabama-West Florida = 10

Breakdown of Delegate Count


Legislation from the General Council on Finance and Administration

Legislation from the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry

Legislation from the General Board of Pensions and Health Benefits

Legislation from the General Commission on Religion and Race

Legislation from the General Board of Church and Society

Legislation from the Connectional Table

Legislation from the Associate of Annual Conference Lay Leaders

Legislation for Lay Servant Ministries


Alternative process offered for sexuality debate

The Commission on General Conference, which plans the legislative gathering, is putting forth a recommendation for an alternative process for considering legislation related to the denomination’s stance on homosexuality. Read More


#CTTalks: Conversations about General Conference

The Connectional Table has launched a series of weekly videos to help inform United Methodist church leaders and General Conference delegates leading up to the 2016 General Conference next May. The videos are part of an online forum called #CTTalks. Watch them here.

General Conference app

A redesigned 2016 General Conference app is now available. A helpful way to stay connected and learn more about all aspects of the conference, the app will feature news, photo and social media feeds, video and audio archives, live streaming of worship and plenary, the DCA and ADCA, and petition tracking.

For delegates and others at the conference on May 10-20, there are also some features to make the experience easier: legislative committee assignments, conference schedule with the option to build a personalized calendar, a delegate discussion board, a daily devotional, and an interactive map of the convention center and Portland, Oregon.

The app is free to download and is available for Android and Apple devices. You can search for “United Methodist General Conference” in your app store or visit the general conference app website for a link.