How to Participate

This partnership is built around relationships, shared ministry, and cross-cultural learning. The richness of this partnership will be based on how well local churches and ministries can connect with each other in both the US and Tanzania.


Steps are offered below to help engage in this partnership as a district or local church.

Be part of the wider effort. The strength of this partnership will be in how well we can all work together. Connect with your area champion to find out what other churches and districts are already doing and what opportunities are available to you right now.

Sharing the good news of the Gospel and witnessing the kingdom of God being established on earth is not new, but the ways in which this happens continues to change.

Find ways to education yourself and your church or district on the partnership, on Tanzania, and on the United Methodist Church in Tanzania.

You can visit the resources page, schedule a meeting or speaking engagement with a champion or Eric Soard, missionary to Tanzania, or consider signing up for a learning trip with the conference.

Relationships in our real lives do not all look the same and we should not expect mission relationships to either.

There are multiple ways to start building your church’s or district’s own relationship in Tanzania within one or more than one of the three focus areas:

  • Church Growth and Construction
  • Capacity Development
  • Wesley College


Partner with a local church: Build a relationship with a local church in Tanzania.

  • Partner through prayer for their ministries
  • Partner through building a relationship with clergy and church leaders
  • Partner through church construction and financial support


Support Training and Capacity Development: Help build strong leadership and capacity for local churches to engage in mission in their own communities.

  •  Participate on a short-term mission team to provide training
  • Organize and help lead a mission team for your local church, district, or conference.
  • Help provide financial scholarships for members of the Alabama-West Florida Conference to participate on a short-term mission team to Tanzania.


Partner with Wesley College: Wesley College strives to develop servant leaders for the community and empower youth through education.

  • Sponsor a student at Wesley College.
  • Support classroom supplies and technology needed for education.
  • Connect with an advisory group which works to provide expert advice to the college in various areas.

Don’t forget to celebrate as an entire congregation what is happening through this partnership. The Teaming with Tanzania partnership will provide rich blessings to all involved. Make sure to celebrate the great work and ministry happening in Tanzania, and the opportunity to be part of the global body of Christ in a unique way.